Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amla contains

Amla contains Ascorbigen A and Ascorbigen B. Theses have a
gamma lactone and is not same as Ascorbic acid.

Ascorbic acid can be liberated from this. As a convenience theses
are often grouped together as Ascorbic acid. (Although,it is analyzed
as such.

The key point difference is that Ascorbigen are more stable than
Ascorbic acid.

The tannins from Amla help further protect the Ascorbigen just like
shock absorbers. They themselves trap the free radicals before
oxidation of Ascorbigen can occur.

Our ancestors were extremely practical because they used Amla in
presence of FAT (from ghee), this provides an additional layer of
protection to the water soluble moiety of Ascorbigen. Thereby
further enhancing the relative stability. They did not necessarily
know this (chemical stability) but they certainly recognized this
from experience.

In our ancient texts they used Amla fruit, Leaves and bark in the
metallurgy for manufacturing arrow-heads. Here, the powerful
reducing agent (various forms of gallates and Ascorbigen) efficiently
reduced Iron ore.

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