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HARDE (Haritaki) Terminalia chebula , Terminalia reticulata Sanskrit and Bengali, Karkchettu (Telugu), Kadukkaya (Tamil), Harade (Marathi and Gujarati).

HARDE (Haritaki)

Harithaki LOCAL NAMES (in India)

Harithaki (Sanskrit and Bengali), Harad (Hindi), Karkchettu (Telugu), Kadukkaya (Tamil), Harade (Marathi and Gujarati).
Highly esteemed by the Hindus, and a mythological origin has been assigned to it. It is said that when Indra(king of dieties in hindu mythology) was drinking nectar in heaven, a drop of the fluid fell on the earth and produced Haritaki

Guna :- Laghu, Ruksha
Rasa :- Madhura,katu,tiktha,kashaya,amla. only Lavana is absent.
Veerya :- Ushna
Vipaka :- Madhura
Prabhaava :- Tridoshahar
KARMA (Action) harde herb cure

Mridu Virechaka (mild laxative),
Tridoshahara (cures all the three doshas),
Agnideepaka (enhances bioassimilation),
Medhakara (enhances memory),
Rasayana (rejuvenating, prevents aging and disease),
Netra Hithakara (good for eyes),
Laghu Paki (digests easily),
Ayurvardhaka (increases life span),
Brimhana (nourishes body tissues),
Harithaki (Sanskrit and Bengali), Harad (Hindi), Karkchettu (Telugu), Kadukkaya (Tamil), Harade (Marathi and Gujarati).
  Terminalia chebula , Terminalia reticulata

STRUCTURE  Large tree, young branchlets, leaf buds,

Leaves:- mostly subopposite, distant, ovate, with long, soft, shining, rust coloured, or silvery hairs.Wither in the cold season.

Flowers:- Dull white or yellowish, with a strong offensive smell.Blossom in April to May.
Fruits:- Obovoid or ellipsoidal from a broad base, glabrous.Formation in November to January.
PHARMACOLOGY  Fruit contains a constituent which has a wide antibacterial and antifungal spectrum.and also inhibits growth of E.coli, the most common organism responsible for urinary tract infection. The fruit pulp exhibits laxative properties.
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Fruits:- Contain astringent substances - tannic acid, Chebulinic acid, gallic acid etc. Resin and a purgative principle of the nature of anthraquinone and sennoside are also present.


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