Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kidney stone is called as Vrukkashmari in Ayurveda

Kidney stone is called as Vrukkashmari in Ayurveda . It is the formation of small sand like particles into a stone like solid structure . It can occur anywhere in the genito-urinary system . In the kidney / ureter / urinary bladder . It obstructs the normal flow of urine . Many times the stone moves from its original position , leading to mild to intense pain in the abdomen . There are many medicines , Herbal as well as Rasa kalpas too , to treat the stones anywhere in the body . The dose of the medicine changes as per the doshas , body constitution etc . It will be better if u can visit to any nearest Ayurveda Vaidya & take the medication after consultation .

Divyang A. Pandya


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